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Potassium Nitrate KNO3 (Granule, Crystal)

■Executive Standard: Industrial Grade (GB 1918-2011), Agricultural Grade (GB/T 20784-2013)

■Types: Granule, Crystal, Powder without anti-caking agent and powder with anti-caking agent.
■Packing Specification: Plastic woven bag inner with plastic bag in 25kg/50kg/500kg/1000kg/1200kg or according to customer' s demand.

Special Explanations: The granular potassium nitrate which our company developed by ourselves has filled the domestic gaps. I has the characteristics of high purity, low iron and moisture and specially suitable for electronic glass production, firecracker, agriculture and tobacco planting etC., and has widely accepted by the domestic and international customers.

Protection: Operators should wear protective smock including respirator and rubber gloves. Be careful not to inhale the powder of potassium nitrate to protect respiration apparatus.

Handling and Storage: Store in a cool, ventilated and dry house, away from moisture, heat or kindling. Avoid mixing with organic compound, sulphur or reducer during storage and transportation in case of explosion. Protect the material from the sun and rain during transportation, carefully load and unload in case of crash.

Applications: It is mainly applied in TV glass, glass refining agent and motor light glass, fireworks and black powder, salt bath of heat treatment,concentrating agent; In agriculture area, it is mainly used to make compound fertilizer, foliar spray ferilizer, especially used for mango, tobacco, fruit tree,rubber. In additional, it is applied in cigarette paper, preservatives and chromogenic reagent in food industry, etc.

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